TEO Sim Hua

Game listing order by ID


No.idRed playerReBlack playerEventYearOpenningVideo
1651TEO Sim HuaDSHIBAZAKI JunkoWorld Xiangqi Championships1997Counter Canon Deferred
2655TEO Sim HuaWCHIENG Ming ChuoWorld Xiangqi Championships19975,8 Cannons vs 2HD
3660GUO ShuLongWTEO Sim HuaWorld Xiangqi Championships1997Counter Canon Deferred
4688LIN YeDTEO Sim HuaWorld Xiangqi Championships1997Elehpnat vs Horse Defense
5689LIU Hong ShiouLTEO Sim HuaWorld Xiangqi Championships1997Horse vs Pawn Defense
610662TEO Sim HuaWHU MingWorld Xiangqi Championships1995CC vs Sandwich Horses Defence
715974TEO Sim HuaLWANG LinNaAsian Xiangqi Individual Championships2003CC vs Two Horses Deferred
815977HA Mai HoaLTEO Sim HuaAsian Xiangqi Individual Championships2003Counter Canon Deferred
915984TEO Sim HuaWKIOK Angie TanAsian Xiangqi Individual Championships2003CC RB Chariot vs 2HD
1015986CHIENG Ming ChuoLTEO Sim HuaAsian Xiangqi Individual Championships2003Horse vs Pawn Defense
1115990TEO Sim HuaWHO Li PhengAsian Xiangqi Individual Championships2003Counter Canon's Defense
1215993CHANG DianaDTEO Sim HuaAsian Xiangqi Individual Championships2003Long Canon Opening
1325289TEO Sim HuaWTAN LifangAsian xiangqi Championship1982Canon's Defense
1426451TEO Sim HuaDHU MingWorld Xiangqi Championships1991CC vs Sandwich Horses Defence
1526653XIE SiMingWTEO Sim HuaAsian xiangqi Championship1984Central Canon Opening
1626789TEO Sim HuaLXIE SiMingAsian xiangqi Championship1982CC 5th Pawn vs 2HD
1729376TEO Sim HuaLCHEN LiChunAsian Indoor Games2007CC 5th Pawn vs 2HD
1829377TEO Sim HuaLNGO Lan HuongAsian Indoor Games2007CC Rank R vs Cannon Defence with File R
1929385CHAN Chi MuiLTEO Sim HuaAsian Indoor Games2007CC File R vs Cannon Defence with Rank R
2029387KHOO Chin ChinLTEO Sim HuaAsian Indoor Games2007Counter Canon Deferred